Featured Brand: Brighton Jewelry

When Brighton jewelry designers launch new pieces, they announce it by saying they are "currently loving" the new collection.  With all the beautiful new pieces we are getting in, we are currently loving Brighton!

Who is Brighton?

For over forty years, this family-owned business based in Los Angeles has focused on custom designs, passion for their art, and craftsmanship, creating products that accessorize women beautifully.  Brighton believes in making everyone feel as special as they truly are, as is seen as in their mission statement:  "We have a lot of heart at Brighton, and we're a pretty passionate team.  We hope you find our passion contagious, and follow your heart to Brighton."  

Brighton makes it easier for us to follow our hearts, as they are known for designing products with a message, "hiding" some defining detail that gives them special meaning.  Whether it is unexpected love notes engraved on a bracelet, or a watch with tiny detailing on the back, Brighton pieces help create lasting memories.  Brighton prides itself on the "Brighton difference," which is rooted in the belief that the difference is in the details.  

A traditional process creates timeless jewelry:  Brighton is one of the few design houses where the designers sketch each creation by hand and then follow that creation from concept to fruition.  It all begins with a designer's sketch.  Brighton's design team travels the world seeking inspiration for a new collection.  Exquisite scroll work, elaborate ornamentation and raised swirls are common themes.  The sketches are then handed off to a host of skilled artisans who begin the intricate process to capture all the detail and the beauty of the designer's original pencil drawing, using skills handed down and perfected through hundreds of years.  The sketch then becomes a cast, which then is plated with pure silver and lacquered for protection.

One of Brighton's most innovative ideas is the Christo Cuff.  Combining the traditional with the modern, these cuffs transform your look instantly.  Coordinate with your outfit and add a pop of color by interchanging the reversible leathers, or wear the cuff on its own:  The Christo Cuff goes with everything.  As the designers at Brighton like to say...one cuff, so many possibilities!

Visit our Brighton selection today, try on a classic Brighton necklace or a Christo Cuff.  We think you'll be "currently loving" Brighton too!  

Jason Windsor


Jason Windsor is a pretty pretty princess.